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Draft PPS 18: Renewable Energy
Policy Context: Sustainable Development Strategy

2.12 First Steps Towards Sustainability – A Sustainable Development Strategy for Northern Ireland, May 2006 Opens link in a new browser window (SDS) recognises that the Region has enormous potential to develop renewable energy sources as alternatives to burning coal, oil or gas. A priority of the SDS is to foster opportunities and build on the existing successes and abilities of companies in Northern Ireland to develop innovative ideas and new technologies in this field.
2.13 The SDS contains challenging targets for the Region above those set at national and international levels for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and indicates important steps towards achieving these targets. These include ensuring that where technologically and economically feasible, beyond 2025, 40% of all electricity consumed in Northern Ireland is obtained from indigenous renewable energy sources with at least 25% of this being generated by non-wind technologies.
2.14 The SDS contains three strategic objectives on climate change and energy namely:
  • to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, principally by promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewables;
  • to establish Northern Ireland as a world class exemplar in the development and use of renewable energy; and
  • to plan and prepare for climate change impacts in Northern Ireland.
2.15 The Implementation Plan for the SDS, was published in November 2006 and details the current actions being taken by government, and puts forward a series of commitments to meet the Strategy target of achieving a 25% reduction in Northern Ireland's greenhouse gas emissions against 1990 levels by 2025.
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