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Draft PPS 18: Renewable Energy
Policy Context: Energy Policy

2.10 In recent years, United Kingdom energy policy has been promoting the use of renewable energy. The DETI publication, ‘Energy: A Strategic Framework for Northern Ireland Opens link in a new browser window’, June 2004, promotes reduced energy consumption combined with improved energy efficiency. A policy goal of the framework is enhancing sustainability in energy. The framework highlights the potential for renewable forms of energy to enhance security and diversity of supply and to minimise the environmental implications of electricity generation. It sets a target of 12% for the amount of Northern Ireland’s electricity consumption that is to be generated from indigenous renewable sources by 2012.
2.11 The Energy Challenge Energy Review Report Opens link in a new browser window published by the Department of Trade and Industry in July 2006 sets out the steps government needs to take in responding to the energy challenges facing the United Kingdom. The report recognises renewable energy as an integral part of the Government’s strategy for tackling climate change and proposes a range of measures to promote its growth to achieve 20% of electricity generation from renewable sources by 2020.
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