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Draft PPS18: Renewable Energy
Annex 1 Wind Energy: Information to Accompany a Planning Application

A120. The developer should submit the following to accompany a wind energy application:
  • 7 copies of the P1 Planning Application form, accurately completed, signed and dated;
  • planning fee (currently £200 per 0.1ha or part thereof of the footprint of the development up to a maximum of £10,000);
  • 7 copies of the site location map with site boundary, including the access road and land for any junction improvement outlined in red;
  • 7 copies of the site layout including access roads within the site, detailed plans to scale including turbines, details of bases, access roads, wind monitoring masts, sub-stations and other ancillary development. Details of finishing materials (e.g. on turbines, sub-stations, control rooms, fences and other structures), landscaping etc. are required. Information will also be required detailing spoil storage and the location of any construction compound.
A121. Where wind energy proposals are deemed as EIA developments, the developer is also required to submit sufficient copies of the EIA statement to enable the Department to carry out consultations. The developer should contact the Department to ascertain the numbers of statements required and the format preferred.
A122. For smaller developments that do not require a full EIA, the Department will often still require some or all of the issues set out in paragraph A36 to be addressed through an environmental report to accompany the planning application to include for example a report detailing noise emissions and an assessment of the impact.

Environmental Impact Assessment

A123. Wind turbines fall within descriptions of development listed under Schedule 2, category 3(j) to the EIA Regulations Opens link in a new browser window . The Department of the Environment is required to screen applications for the need for EIA where the development involves the installation of more than 2 turbines or the hub height of any turbine or height of any other structure exceeds 15 metres.
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