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Draft PPS 18: Renewable Energy
Annex 1: Wind Energy

A1. This section describes the technology of wind turbines in relation to current turbine sizes (600kW-3MW) that are expected to comprise the bulk of the UK’s onshore wind generated electricity provision. In most respects this information will be equally valid for both smaller wind turbines, more suited to locations with higher population densities, and the larger machines that will be developed in the coming years. Where there are differences these will be clearly noted. The section discusses only land-based turbines, although there is essentially little difference between these and machines that are installed off-shore.
A2. A typical wind energy development may include the following elements:
  • Wind turbines
  • Wind monitoring mast
  • Transformers: Serving each turbine.
  • Internal tracks and crane pads: Giving access to the turbines.
  • Substation compound: Including transformers, circuit breakers and control building.
  • Power cables: Usually underground within the site.
  • Poles/pylons: Connecting wind energy development site to the national grid
This section contains the following sub-categories:
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