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Draft PPS18: Renewable Energy
Annex 1: Solar Thermal (Solar Water Heating)

G1. Active solar technology can be divided into two categories: Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Water Heating (SWH). The technologies appear to be similar, in that they both use roof mounted equipment to collect radiation from the sun and convert it to a useful form of energy, but they produce two different things: electricity in the case of PV and hot water in the case of Solar Water Heating. This section deals with Solar Water Heating, and describes the basic technology and applications. Some sections are common to both sections: the repetition between them is intentional.
G2. Solar water heating systems can be used to heat water for a variety of purposes. Amongst the most common are domestic use, light industrial and agricultural use and the heating of swimming pools. At present, the widest use is in the residential domestic hot water sector. SWH systems are occasionally used to provide space heating.
G3. There is a common misconception that solar water heating is ineffective in the UK for climatic reasons. Whilst it is clearly not as effective in the UK as it could be in Spain for instance, a good modern system will make a significant contribution to water heating requirements. The domestic sector is an obvious priority – a well-designed system should provide 50–60% of annual domestic hot water requirements, with most of this energy capture being between May and September.
This section contains the following sub-categories:
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