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Draft PPS18: Renewable Energy
Annex 1 Small Hydro Planning Issues: Construction Disturbance

E28. In general, the construction impact of a hydro-power scheme will be no different to that of other developments of similar size. However, construction on or beside a river will often cause the water to become clouded with silt or mud. Before granting planning permission for a hydro project, the Department may, in consultation with EHS Water Management Unit and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Rivers Agency, request that a developer specifies the site management measures that will be adopted to minimise this problem.
E29. The construction of the pipeline and weir may have an impact on sensitive habitats. In this instance the developer may be required to submit a detailed construction specification, and in very important ecological areas, an officer from EHS may be required to be present on site during certain parts of the construction process. This can ensure that construction is carried out in a manner that is most sensitive to the ecology of the site.
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