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Draft PPS18: Renewable Energy
Annex 1 Technology: Appearance and Site Footprint

B42. The appearance and site footprint depends on the scale of the plant. For example, in the case of a small heat plant for a school, the boiler house could be some 4 metres by 3 metres, with a fuel bunker of similar proportions. The bunker may be semi-underground, only a metre or so protruding above ground, with a lockable steel lid. The chimney will be 3 to 10 metres high, depending on plant design and surrounding buildings. Sufficient space to safely manoeuvre a large lorry or tractor and trailer is required.
B43. In the case of a larger electricity generating plant, a medium sized industrial building of two-storey height will be required, with a slender chimney of 25 or more metres in height. A Dutch barn scale building may be required for on-site storage of fuel, and additional buildings for offices and workshops may be required. An extensive area for lorry manoeuvring will be needed. Typically, a 1.5MW plant producing electricity using gasification technology will require a site area of some 0.5 hectares and a 40MW plant may require 5 hectares.
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