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PPS 15: Planning and Flood Risk
Policy Context: Implications of Climate Change for Northern Ireland

2.4 The Scotland and Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research (SNIFFER) published the findings of a study on the potential impacts of climate change on Northern Ireland's environment, economy and natural resources in 2002 1 . This independent technical report concluded that there was a generally low state of awareness and concern about climate change and its impacts across all sectors in the Region. In the construction, infrastructure and transport sectors it advised that this was reflected in a reactive approach to climatic variation, such as flooding, rather than a planned long-term strategy.
2.5 The SNIFFER Report represents a first step towards the development of a regional strategy to address the impacts of climate change in Northern Ireland. Together with the report of the UK Climate Impacts Programme,2 the Government's Foresight Report 3 and recent climate change publications prepared by the Department's Environment and Heritage Service,4 it has assisted the formulation of the policies to deal with flood risk in this PPS.
1 Implications of Climate Change for Northern Ireland: Informing Strategy Development, (SNIFFER, April 2002)
2 Climate Change Scenarios for the UK (UKCIP02). Further information on the UK Climate Impacts Programme is available at
3 Foresight, Future Flooding, (Office of Science and Technology, April 2004) (3 Vols.)
4 Climate Change Indicators for Northern Ireland (2004) and Guidance for Public Bodies on Climate Change Impacts in Northern Ireland (2005). Available at www. Opens link in a new browser window
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