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PPS 15: Planning and Flood Risk
FLD 1: Camping and Touring Caravan Sites

8.18 Camping, caravan and other temporary or permanently occupied sites that use similar structures, for example mobile homes, give rise to particular problems in relation to flooding. They have often been located on coastal or riverside sites that are attractive for holiday accommodation but carry with them a significant risk of flooding. It is important to recognise that the instability of these structures can place their occupants at special risk. Because they are particularly vulnerable to the adverse consequences of rapid inundation it can be difficult to operate an effective flood warning system.
8.19 Because of their vulnerability, proposals for static holiday caravans, residential caravans and mobile homes and the extension or intensification of use of such sites will not be permitted within river or coastal flood plains.
8.20 However, it is acknowledged that camping facilities and touring caravan sites can be less vulnerable when their occupation is restricted to times of the year when flood events are less likely to occur (usually the summer months). Proposals for the seasonal use of such sites may therefore be acceptable within flood plains where the accompanying flood risk assessment indicates that there is no risk of rapid inundation and it is confirmed that appropriate flood warning arrangements can be put in place. In all cases approval will be subject to planning conditions identifying the extent of seasonal occupation permitted and requiring the erection of suitable warning notices to inform people entering the site of the risk of flooding.
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