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PPS 15: Planning and Flood Risk
Policy FLD 1

Policy FLD 1 Development in Flood Plains  
Within flood plains the Department will not permit development unless it falls within one of the following exceptions or it is demonstrated that the proposals is of overriding regional importance.
  1. development of previously developed land which is protected by the appropriate minimum standard of flood defence, or where such a defence is under construction, or where public funding for planned flood defence works has been committed. This does not include proposals involving essential civil infrastructure or accommodation/facilities for vulnerable groups;
  2. the replacement of a building in the countryside where this will not materially increase flood risk;
  3. development where location within a flood plain is essential for operational reasons for example, navigation and water based recreation uses or transport and utilities infrastructure which has to be there;
  4. the use of land for sport and outdoor recreation use, amenity open space or for nature conservation purposes where this will not materially increase flood risk;
  5. the extraction of mineral deposits and the ancillary development necessary to facilitate such extraction where this will not materially increase flood risk; or
  6. the use of land for seasonal occupation by touring caravans and/or camp sites where this will not materially increase flood risk.
To inform the consideration of proposals that fall within the exceptions specified above, such applications will need to be accompanied by an assessment of the flood risk that may affect the development, or result elsewhere because of it. Where appropriate, this assessment shall include details of measures to mitigate any increase in flood risk.
As part of the Department’s precautionary approach to dealing with flood risk, measures such as flood compensation storage works or new hard engineered flood defences will not be acceptable as justification for development in a flood plain.

Justification and Amplification

8.1 New development within a flood plain will not only be at risk of flooding itself but it can add to the risk of flooding elsewhere. Cumulative effects will arise from proposals that individually may seem of little consequence. These serve only to undermine the flood plain's natural function of accommodating and attenuating flood flows. Accordingly, to minimise flood risk and help maintain their natural function it is necessary to avoid development within flood plains wherever possible.
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