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PPS 15: Planning and Flood Risk
Annex B: Development and Flood Risk

Flooding and the Human Environment

B1 The effects of flooding can impact on a wide range of human interests. Perhaps the most obvious and most serious consequence is on the health and well being of people directly caught up in flood events.
B2 Loss of life from drowning or physical injury arising from being swept away by floodwater is very rare in Northern Ireland. However, there is growing concern about the potential adverse health effects associated with the trauma of a flood event and living in the damp and dirty environment that such events cause and increasing recognition of the anxiety that living in an area liable to flooding can create. Table 1 highlights the possible health implications flooding can have.
B3 Related socio-economic impacts can also affect the well-being of the wider community. These may range from the loss of homes and personal possessions to the disruption of key infrastructure and services and the local economy, the loss of business confidence and damage to cultural heritage and the environment. Additionally such effects may be exacerbated by the evolving stance of the Insurance industry.
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