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Draft PPS14 Sustainable Development in the Countryside
Policy CTY 8

Policy CTY 8 – Agricultural and Forestry Development
Planning permission will be granted for agricultural or forestry development where it is demonstrated that:
  • it is necessary for the efficient use of the agricultural holding or forestry enterprise;
  • in terms of character and scale it is appropriate to its location;
  • it visually integrates into the local landscape and additional landscaping is provided as necessary;
  • it will not have an adverse impact on the natural or built heritage; and
  • it will not result in detrimental impact on the amenity of residential dwellings outside the holding or enterprise including potential problems arising from noise, smell and pollution.
In cases where a new building is proposed applicants will also need to demonstrate the following:
  • there are no suitable existing buildings on the holding or enterprise that can be used;
  • the design and materials to be used are sympathetic to the locality and adjacent buildings; and
  • the proposal is sited beside existing farm or forestry buildings. Exceptionally a new building may be permitted away from existing farm or forestry buildings where it is demonstrated that this is essential for the efficient functioning of the holding or enterprise.

Justification & Amplification

4.60 As agriculture and forestry continue to change and develop, it is important that the planning process continues to support the operational needs of these enterprises
4.61 Under the Planning (General Development) Order (Northern Ireland) 1993, known as the “GDO”, certain development relating to agriculture and forestry is permitted development i.e. a planning application is not required as permission is deemed to be granted. The GDO is currently under review and was recently amended to include proposals relating to the farm nutrient management scheme. Where a proposal is not permitted development and express permission is required, planning permission will be granted for agricultural and forestry buildings/works subject to the criteria stated, as well as other planning criteria and policy requirements.
4.62 A new building will only be approved where there are no existing redundant buildings on the holding or enterprise that can be used. In all cases the applicant will be required to satisfactorily demonstrate that renovation, alteration or redevelopment opportunities do not exist.
4.63 New buildings can form an integral part of the landscape if developed in sympathy with their surroundings, so as to blend unobtrusively into the landscape. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has played an important role with a number of schemes relating to the design of farm buildings. Their publication “Farm Buildings in the Countryside” Opens link in a new browser window gives practical guidance on the importance of integrating modern farm buildings into the landscape.
4.64 A proposal located away from existing agricultural or forestry buildings will only be acceptable where it is shown to be essential for the efficient functioning of the holding or enterprise. In such cases the applicant will be required to satisfactorily demonstrate that this is the case. Where such a proposal is justified, the building will still be required to visually integrate into the landscape and be of appropriate design and materials. A prominent, skyline or top of slope ridge location will be unacceptable.
4.65 All permissions granted under this policy will be subject to a condition limiting the use of the building to either agricultural or forestry use as appropriate.
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