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Draft PPS14 Sustainable Development in the Countryside
Policy CTY 7

Policy CTY 7 – Residential Caravans and Mobile Homes
Planning permission may be granted for a residential caravan or mobile home, for a temporary period only, in exceptional circumstances.

Justification & Amplification

4.55 The design and finishes of a residential caravan or mobile home limits its potential for integration into the landscape. For this reason, planning permission will not be granted for a permanently sited residential caravan or mobile home in the countryside.
4.56 It is accepted however, that in exceptional circumstances, a caravan or mobile home can be a sensible temporary solution, to meeting the need for residential accommodation in the countryside.
4.57 These exceptional circumstances include where:
  • a farmer, who is developing an established farm business and meets the need criteria for a permanent dwelling, cannot at present afford to build a house (see Policy CTY 2);
  • a farmer is retiring (see policy CTY 3); or
  • the provision of temporary residential accommodation pending the development of a new permanent dwelling.
4.58 All permissions will normally be subject to a three-year time limit. However, this may be extended having regard to the particular circumstances of the case.
4.59 The siting of a residential caravan or mobile home will be subject to the same planning and environmental considerations as a permanent dwelling. Permission will depend on the ability to integrate the unit within an existing building group and screen the unit from public view. Residential caravans or mobile homes on farms will be required to integrate with the main farm complex.
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