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Draft PPS14 Sustainable Development in the Countryside
Policy CTY 5: Justification & Amplification Siting and Design of Replacement Dwellings

4.42 A replacement dwelling should normally be sited within the same curtilage as the existing building, to take advantage of any natural features or mature planting and thereby help reduce the visual impact of the new dwelling.
4.43 Restrictions, which would result in failure to satisfy basic minimum standards, will not be imposed on the size of the replacement dwelling. However, it is unlikely that a house of a size significantly in excess of the one it is replacing, will be appropriate if its visual impact is significantly greater. The size of the new dwelling may also be constrained by the size of the existing curtilage.
4.44 In all cases the design of the new replacement dwelling should be appropriate to its setting and take into account the character exhibited by vernacular buildings in the locality.
4.45 Overall the siting and design of the total new development should not create a visual impact significantly greater than the existing building, in order that it can be satisfactorily integrated into its landscape surroundings. The promise of substantial landscaping, as a means to reduce the impact of a prominent and overly dominant replacement dwelling will not be considered an acceptable design solution.
4.46 Proposals to replace existing semi-detached or terraced dwellings will generally only be acceptable if replaced in situ with the proposed new dwelling remaining attached to the other elements of the existing development.
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