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Draft PPS14 Sustainable Development in the Countryside
Policy CTY 5: Justification & Amplification

4.40 The replacement of existing dwellings in the countryside over recent years has played an important role in allowing the renewal and up-grading of the rural housing stock. However, at the same time there has been a growing concern that the tendency to replace, rather than upgrade, older dwellings is leading to a significant loss of the Region’s stock of vernacular rural dwellings, which is increasingly viewed as an important element of our built heritage. Accordingly, restrictions have been introduced that seek to retain vernacular houses and promote their sympathetic renovation and continued use rather than replacement.
4.41 The replacement of a listed dwelling will not be permitted unless there are exceptional circumstances. Similarly, there will be a presumption against the replacement of those vernacular dwellings that are an important element in the landscape. In other cases involving vernacular dwellings, while a replacement dwelling may be acceptable in principle, this will be conditional on retention of the existing structure and its incorporation into the overall development scheme. This is intended to promote imaginative design solutions that will help retain a visual link with the past. For example, this could include the use of the existing structure as ancillary residential accommodation or as an outbuilding or possibly a garage. For the purposes of this policy a vernacular dwelling is defined as a dwelling of local architectural merit or historic interest.
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