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Draft PPS14 Sustainable Development in the Countryside
Policy CTY 2: Justification and Amplification Farm Viability

4.23 New houses on farms will not normally be justified on agricultural grounds, unless the existing farming business is both established and viable. In order to assess farm viability, it may be necessary for the farmer to provide information on the level of investment and commitment to the business. Investment in farm buildings, or maintenance and improvement of land alone, may not be sufficient evidence of a commitment. Actual agricultural use for a sufficient period of time will be necessary.
4.24 The Department for Agriculture and Rural Development will be consulted on all applications for dwellings on farms.
4.25 The onus will be on the applicant to show that the proposed occupant is sufficiently involved in farming, to be considered mainly working in agriculture on the farm, and that it is essential he or she should live there, for the working of that farm. Proposals for dwellings associated with "hobby" farms, or enterprises where the proposed occupant's main source of income is from another job or where he is semi-retired, will generally fail because of the viability test.
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