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Draft PPS14 Sustainable Development in the Countryside
Policy CTY 2: Justification and Amplification Siting of New Farm Dwellings

4.28 New houses on farms should be sited to integrate into the surrounding landscape and not cause a detrimental change to the rural character of the area (see Policies CTY 10-12). Where practicable, access should be obtained from an existing farm road or lane. In most cases the agricultural need and the planning and environmental considerations will ensure that the new house is sited adjacent to, and integrated with the principal group of farm buildings. However, where the farm holding includes land inside the development limits of a settlement, the dwelling should preferably be located within that land.
4.29 Where an additional farm dwelling is justified, and the location of an existing replacement opportunity is inappropriate to meet the agricultural requirements, then permission for a new farm dwelling may be granted on a more appropriate site, subject to an agricultural occupancy condition and, where necessary, a planning condition to remove the existing dwelling and restore the site.
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