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Draft PPS14 Sustainable Development in the Countryside
Policy CTY 2: Justification and Amplification Farm Details

4.21 Farm operations are varied and complex. In order to assess need it will be necessary for the applicant to provide detailed information about the farm. The assessment of need will include among other things: the extent and nature of the farm enterprise; the planning history of the holding; the occupations of those residing on the holding; the occupation and present address of the proposed occupier of the new dwelling; and the change in circumstances requiring a new dwelling. Land taken in conacre will only be considered, in the assessment of need, when it has been a regular part of a farm unit over a considerable period of years (generally not less than 10 years).
4.22 It will be necessary to establish that it is essential for the proper functioning of the farm for a worker to live on the farm and to be readily available at most times. The man-hour requirements of a farm will indicate the numbers of workers required to run the business, but this does not necessarily mean that it is essential for all those workers to live on the farm. Factors such as the type of livestock, the level of attention needed out of normal hours, the need for specialist workers, the distance of units from the main farm dwelling, vulnerability to dangers such as theft and vandalism are all material in deciding the need for a worker to live on the farm.
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