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Draft PP14 Sustainable Development in the Countryside
CTY 2: Justification & Amplification

4.17 Farming continues to be a significant component of the Region’s economy, despite ongoing changes to agricultural support mechanisms and it is important that planning policy continues to support the operational needs of farm enterprises. Planning permission will therefore normally be granted for a new dwelling on a farm where the proposed occupant works mainly on that farm and it is essential for him, or her, to live at the site of their work. Whether a house is essential, in any particular case, will depend on the needs of the farm concerned and not the personal preferences or circumstances of the individuals involved.
4.18 The material factors determining the number of people who actually need to live on a farm and whether a new dwelling house is required, include:
  • the scale, viability and details of the farming operations;
  • the labour requirements of the farm, including the need for specialist workers and the level of attention needed outside normal hours;
  • the existing residential accommodation on the farm; and
  • the existing development opportunities on the farm.
4.19 If the existing or potential residential accommodation is insufficient to meet the accepted housing needs of a viable farm, planning permission will normally be granted.
4.20 It is also recognised that sons and daughters of farmers have a key role in sustaining the rural farming community. Exceptionally therefore, where a son or daughter of a farmer works mainly on the farm holding, permission may also be granted for a new house, even though it may not be strictly necessary on agricultural grounds for a farm worker to live on the holding. Farmer's sons and daughters, who only work part-time in farming and have their main employment elsewhere are however unlikely to fulfil the requirements of this policy.
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