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Draft PPS14 Sustainable Development in the Countryside
Policy CTY 2

Policy CTY 2 – Farm Dwellings
Planning permission will be granted for a dwelling house on a farm where the applicant can demonstrate all of the following:
(a) it is essential to meet the needs of the farm;
(b) it is essential for the proper functioning of the farm for a worker to be readily available at most times;
(c) the farm business is established and viable;
(d) need relates to a full-time farm worker or one who is mainly involved in agriculture;
(e) there are no alternative development opportunities available on the farm; and
(f) no dwellings or development opportunities have been sold off from the farm holding.
Exceptionally, where a son or daughter of a farmer works mainly on the farm holding, permission may also be granted for a new house, even though it may not be strictly necessary on agricultural grounds for a farm worker to live on the holding.
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