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Draft PPS14 Sustainable Development in the Countryside
Policy CTY 14: Justification and Amplification Information to Accompany Planning Applications

4.115 If Consent for Discharge has been granted under the Water (Northern Ireland) Order 1999 Opens link in a new browser window for the proposed development site, a copy of this should be submitted to accompany the planning application.
4.116 In other cases, applications involving the use of non-mains sewerage, including outline applications, will be required to provide sufficient information about how it is intended to treat effluent from the development so that this matter can be properly assessed. This will normally include information about ground conditions, including the soil and groundwater characteristics, together with details of adjoining developments existing or approved.
4.117 Where the proposal involves an on-site sewage treatment plant, such as a septic tank or a package treatment plant, the application will also need to be accompanied by drawings that accurately show the proposed location of the installation and soakaways, and of drainage ditches and watercourses in the immediate vicinity. The site for the proposed apparatus should be located on land within the application site or otherwise within the applicant’s control and therefore subject to any planning conditions relating to the development of the site.
4.118 The Department of the Environment Planning Service has powers under the Planning General Development (NI) Order 1993 to request applicants to supply such additional information on the proposed development as is considered necessary to allow proper determination. Where informationon the means of sewerage is requested, but not provided planning permission will normally be refused on the basis of insufficient information to properly determine the proposal.
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