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PPS 11: Planning and Waste Management
Policy WM 2: Integrated Waste Management

7.20 Integration or co-location of waste treatment facilitiess reflects the principles of sustainable waste management (Paragraph 1.16) and provides the opportunity to optimise environmental and economic benefits consistent with BPEO. Such integration may, however, have cumulative negative effects, for example in terms of excessive traffic generation, noise and dust. These must be balanced against consistency with the WMP, the BPEO and related principles of sustainable waste management. Where treatment facilities are ancillary to another waste mangement development it is important that they do not prejudice restoration and afteruse. Ancillary facilities should be removed when the main facility is complete unless material considerations support their retention.
7.21 In determining applications for all waste treatment facilities account will also be taken of Policy WM 1 and the principles of sustainable waste management (Paragraph 1.16). In determining the acceptability of the impact of a proposal on residential amenity or the environment the Department will seek advice from relevant expert consultees. Where waste treatment proposals comply with the above policy they will be actively encouraged by the Department, in line with the objectives of the Waste Management Strategy for Northern Ireland.
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