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PPS 11: Planning and Waste Management
Policy WM 2: Civic Amenity Sites

7.10 The establishment of a network of civic amenity and similar neighbourhood facilities will play an important part in enabling the achievement of the relevant targets in the Waste Management Strategy. Their expansion will facilitate the necessary growth in recycling and reuse of materials. Sites should, normally, be located within settlements. As they provide a facility for householders it is important that they are sited in locations that have good accessibility from the main road network, allow for easy access and parking on site by the public and can be properly screened. It is important that sites are not located where their operation would have a detrimental impact on residential amenity due to noise, odour or dust. In rural areas with a dispersed settlement pattern it may be necessary to seek a rural location that meets the above criteria. A transport node may be an appropriate location in terms of accessibility.
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