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PPS 11: Planning and Waste Management
Policy 11: Visual Intrusion and Impact on the Landscape

6.10 Waste management facilities vary greatly in scale and their potential for impact on the landscape. Consideration must be given to their potential effects on the landscape and waste management facilities will only be permitted where it can be demonstrated that they will not have an unacceptable visual impact on Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and areas designated in development plans for their landscape value. Landfill sites, for example, are often extensive, while landraising, if not in harmony with the local landscape, is likely to be intrusive.
6.11 The site planning for a waste management facility must include adequate landscape treatment and a landscaping scheme will be required as an integral part of a planning application. Successful site screening may be achievable by landscaping works and amenity bunds and may include advance planting of trees, shrubs or hedges around the periphery of a site. The planting plan should recommend suitable tree and shrub species and planting distances. The Department will consult the Landscape Architect’s Branch of Construction Service for advice where appropriate.
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