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PPS 11: Planning and Waste Management
Policy WM 1: Transport, Traffic and Access

6.12 Significant environmental and economic advantages may accrue when waste management facilities are located adjacent to rail heads and ports. However, most modern waste management facilities depend on a large throughput of materials, often generating a substantial volume of traffic, which may be a significant environmental issue. In most cases a Traffic Impact Assessment/Transport Assessment will be required and applicants will have to identify lorry routes proposed to service the site, the movement of waste, staff and visitors as well as quantifying construction traffic. The Department may specify the use of a particular route or require certain routes to be upgraded and/or strengthened to accommodate additional traffic movements, particularly if HGV’s are involved. Where the road network cannot accommodate the numbers of vehicle movements likely to be generated, the application will be refused or where appropriate, planning permission will condition the quantities of materials or the number of vehicle movements over specified periods. Advice on all matters relating to access and traffic will be obtained from Roads Service of the Department for Regional Development Opens link in a new browser window.
6.13 Access to the site is a relevant planning consideration. Provision of safe access from the site to the local road network, which meets access standards, will be required. Developers should also indicate the arrangements proposed for servicing and car parking at the site to meet the needs of both staff and visitors. The internal site layout will be subject to evaluation for manoeuvring and possible effects of queuing. Developers should submit a travel plan to demonstrate the use of alternatives to road transport.
6.14 Where appropriate the Department will attach conditions to approvals requiring the installation of wheel cleansing equipment and the cleaning of roads adjacent to the proposed site.
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