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PPS 11: Planning and Waste Management
Policy WM 1

Policy WM1 Environmental Impact of a Waste Management Facility
Proposals for the development of a waste management facility will be subject to a thorough examination of environmental effects and will only be permitted where it can be demonstrated that all of the following criteria are met:
  • the proposal will not cause demonstrable harm to human health or result in an unacceptable adverse impact on the environment;
  •  the proposal is designed to be compatible with the character of the surrounding area and adjacent land uses;
  •  the visual impact of the waste management facility, including the final landform of landfilling or land raising operations, is acceptable in the landscape and the development will not have an unacceptable visual impact on any area designated for its landscape quality;
  •  the access to the site and the nature and frequency of associated traffic movements will not prejudice the safety and convenience of road users or constitute a nuisance to neighbouring residents by virtue of noise, dirt and dust;
  • the public road network can satisfactorily accommodate, or can be upgraded to accommodate, the traffic generated;
  • adequate arrangements shall be provided within the site for the parking, servicing and circulation of vehicles;
  • wherever practicable the use of alternative transport modes, in particular, rail and water, has been considered;
  • the development will not have an unacceptable adverse impact on nature conservation or archaeological/built heritage interests;
  • the types of waste to be deposited or treated and the proposed method of disposal or treatment will not pose a serious environmental risk to air, water or soil resources that cannot be prevented or appropriately controlled by mitigating measures;
  • the proposed site is not at risk from flooding and the proposal will not cause or exacerbate flooding elsewhere;
  • the proposal avoids (as far as is practicable) the permanent loss of the best and most versatile agricultural land;
  • In the case of landfilling the proposal includes suitable, detailed and practical restoration and aftercare proposals for the site.

Justification and Amplification

6.1 The key aim of the Waste Management Strategy is to achieve fully sustainable waste management. Consequently, there is a need to ensure that as far as possible all waste management facilities are developed to the highest standards so that waste can be dealt with in a way, which minimises impacts on the environment. In addition, the development of modern facilities can help bring environmental benefits by encouraging more sustainable waste management practices. In considering proposals for new, or extensions to existing, waste management facilities the Department will ensure adequate protection and conservation of the environment. In determining the acceptability of the environmental impact of a proposal the Department will seek advice from relevant expert consultees.
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