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PPS 11: Planning and Waste Management

1.1 Waste is the unwanted by-product of industrial, commercial and domestic activities or anything otherwise discarded. In the British Isles it has grown dramatically in volume and complexity over the last 50 years. The management of waste is an important requirement of modern society and yet it has the potential to result in pollution of air, land and water. Sustainability concerns are raised therefore by waste management and associated development. Similarly the disposal of products derived from non-renewable resources, which could potentially be reused, conflicts with the principle of sustainable development.
1.2 These local and international concerns are reflected in the priority now being given to the reduction of waste at source, to its re-use, its recovery by recycling and to its potential as a source of energy. Treatment and disposal of the remainder should also be achieved in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner. All of these activities need to be carried out in a manner consistent with the principle of sustainable development and without imposing an unnecessary burden on industry and local authorities.
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