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PPS 10: Telecommunications
Policy and Legislative Context

UK Government Telecommunications Policy

2.1 The aim of Government 2 telecommunications policy is to ensure that people have:
  • a wide range of services from which to choose;
  • more choice as to who provides telecommunications services; and
  • equitable access to the latest technologies as they become available.
2.2 Fast, reliable and cost-effective modern telecommunications can attract new businesses and enable economic growth by opening up new markets and new opportunities for diverse and innovative services. The Government aims to make the UK the best place to do business electronically by 2002. It has been the policy of successive Governments to extend the social and economic benefits of modern telecommunications technology throughout the UK. Further development of the telecommunications infrastructure is therefore essential to the continued success of this policy, particularly to support widespread and affordable access to broadband services.
This section contains the following sub-sections:
2 Please note that all references to Government in this PPS refer to the UK Government unless otherwise indicated.
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