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PPS 10: Telecommunications
Policy Tel 1: Technical and Operational Constraints

6.2 The Department recognises that telecommunications code system operators are obliged to provide their services to the public at large and have to work within the constraints of the technology to meet their licence requirements. For example, masts and antennas often require a particular operating height to allow signals to clear trees and urban clutter. Telecommunications development may therefore need particular locations in order to work effectively. Certain development may also be significant as part of the overall network. In assessing proposals the Department will therefore take into account the special needs and technical constraints associated with telecommunications development. There is also however a corresponding need for the Department to adequately control telecommunications development so that rural landscapes, urban skylines and townscape character are not unduly spoiled. In bringing forward proposals, applicants will therefore be expected to provide information about the purpose and need for the particular apparatus or equipment.
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