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PPS 10: Telecommunications
Policy Tel 1: Minor Telecommunications Development

6.5 Wherever practicable, operators and others should seek to provide telecommunications infrastructure through the use of smaller, more unobtrusive and lower powered equipment. In built up areas such equipment can be integrated into street furniture, CCTV equipment or even placed inconspicuously on shop fronts. This can significantly reduce visual impact.
6.6 Installation of the smallest antenna systems may be covered by the normal planning principle of de minimus. This term covers minor developments which, in relative terms, will not have a material effect on the external appearance of the building or structure on which they are installed. As a result they may not come within the legal definition of development and hence not require planning permission. Most conventional television aerials and their mountings have long been treated in this way, and the Department will continue to apply this approach to small telecommunications apparatus regardless of who installs it. The installation of some microcell base stations, such as those similar in appearance to burglar alarms, may be treated in this way.
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