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PPS 8: Open Space, Sport and Outdoor Recreation
The Role of Development Plans: Zoning for Future Open Space Development

4.8 Based on the assessment of open space provision, land may be zoned for future open space purposes in the development plan to help meet the needs of local communities. The amount and location of land to be zoned will be determined following consultation with district councils who have primary responsibility for provision within their areas.
4.9 In considering the location of land to be zoned, the Department will take into account:
  • accessibility to and from existing and proposed housing areas, with particular attention being paid to the accessibility needs of young children, the elderly and people with disabilities;
  • the potential for any detrimental impact on biodiversity or on sensitive environmental areas and features;
  • the contribution that open space can make to the quality of the environment and community life; and
  • the importance of protecting linear open spaces such as pedestrian and cycle routes, community greenways, former railway lines and river and canal corridors many of which are valuable in linking larger areas of open space.
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