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PPS 7 (Addendum): Residential Extensions and Alterations
Annex A: Private Amenity Space

A41 Amenity space is an essential part of the character and quality of the environment of residential properties. It is important therefore to ensure, when bringing forward a proposal to extend, that adequate amenity space - particularly private space, is left. Garden space around a residential property is an integral part of its character and appearance and should not be reduced to a point where it is out of scale or fails to meet the present and future occupiers need for adequate useable private amenity space.
A42 All residential properties require some in-curtilage private open space, usually to the rear, compatible with the overall size of the plot, for normal domestic activities, such as, bin storage, clothes drying, sitting out and playspace. This space should enjoy a high degree of privacy from the public street and from any other public places.
A43 In certain Council areas residents may now have up to three bins per household to facilitate recycling. It is inappropriate for these to be stored in front gardens, which are rarely private, as they provide a public aspect and can adversely affect the character and appearance of the area. Care should be taken to ensure that proposals to extend do not decrease the amount of private open space to a level that cannot accommodate the normal domestic activities identified in A42 above.  
A44 The level of private open space for new residential property is detailed in the ‘Creating Places’ design guide. In considering the effect of an extension on private amenity space the Department will take these guidelines and the prevailing standard of private amenity space in the local environment into account.
A45 Extensions, particularly to the side of a residential property, whereby refuse and garden equipment will need to be carried through the house or stored in the front garden, will not normally be permitted. An exception may be made where a route can be maintained through the extension via a garage or utility room on the ground floor.
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