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PPS 7 (Addendum): Residential Extensions and Alterations
Annex A: Guidance for Residential Extensions and Alterations

A1 The purpose of this Annex is to set out the Department’s detailed guidance to provide a consistent basis against which to consider an extension and/or alteration to a dwelling house or flat, including those in multiple occupancy and any proposal for a domestic garage or an outbuilding.
A2 The guidance is intended to advise home owners on how to extend or alter their property in a neighbourly manner that is sympathetic with the original property, respects the character and appearance of the surrounding area and contributes towards a quality environment. It should also be noted that a well-designed extension or alteration can enhance and add value to a property, while a poorly designed extension or alteration can make it difficult to sell.
A3 Although the guidance may not cover all the site specific issues that can arise it covers the main considerations that will be taken into account when determining a planning application. If it is followed, an extension or alteration is more likely to be granted planning permission, and unnecessary delays in processing applications avoided.
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