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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Policy QD 1:  Movement

4.32 The Department will expect layouts to have greater regard for sustainable movement patterns. They should seek to reduce reliance on the private car, foster movement by pedestrians and cyclists, respect existing public rights of way and provide convenient access to public transport and existing or proposed facilities in the vicinity. Such matters must be built into the design from the outset as the adaptation of the layout, for example to fit in routes for pedestrians and cyclists, will be difficult if not impossible at a later date.
4.33 Roads are public space and are therefore an important element in the design of a development. All roads should be planned and designed to contribute to the overall quality of the development. This can be facilitated by a permeable layout with a network of interconnected carriageways and, where appropriate, a number of access points to the development. Residential developments will be required to incorporate traffic calming measures to keep traffic speeds low, improve safety and help create a better environment. The Department will therefore generally wish to see all access roads within a development designed to a 20mph maximum speed. On minor access roads favourable consideration will be given to the use of sub 10mph ‘Home Zones’.
4.34 Road layouts which meet the Department’s technical requirements but which do not pay due regard to the quality of the residential development and the need to foster sustainable movement patterns will be unacceptable.
4.35 The Department will also assess the need for the design of layouts to safeguard access to adjoining lands to ensure that the comprehensive development of a site or future development potential is not prejudiced.
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