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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Policy QD 1:  Landscape Design

4.27 The Department attaches particular importance to using ‘greening’ to raise the quality of residential development and assist in the promotion of biodiversity. As already indicated, existing landscape features such as streams, hedgerows or trees should be identified and, where appropriate, retained and suitably integrated into developments, together with the provision of adequate open space in their vicinity to ensure they and their visual setting are protected. Where existing trees are removed the Department will expect the layout to include proposals for compensatory tree planting.
4.28 The Department will expect to see a greater use of vegetation within developments including a hierarchy of different types of planting such as street trees, garden trees and hedge planting, specimen trees and amenity planting in open spaces. The integration of development at the edges of settlements is also important and buffer planting, generally of indigenous species (around 8-10 metres in depth), will be required to help assimilate and soften its impact on the countryside. In addition, all hard landscape design, including paving areas, means of enclosure and street furniture should be carefully considered and the use of high quality materials will be required.
4.29 Developers will be required to carry out all landscape works associated with their schemes and must provide establishment maintenance and ongoing long term management, unless this responsibility is transferred to another appropriate body in a manner formally agreed with the Department.
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