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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Policy Context: Supplementary Planning Guidance for Residential Development

1.18Creating Places – Achieving Quality in Residential Developments’ (May 2000) is the principal guide for use by intending developers in the design of all new housing areas. The guide is structured around the process of design and addresses the following matters:
  • the analysis of a site and its context;
  • strategies for the overall design character of a proposal;
  • the main elements of good design; and
  • detailed design requirements.
1.19 In addition, the Department is preparing a revised version of Development Control Advice Note 8 ‘Small Unit Housing – New Development in Existing Residential Areas’. The purpose of the revised DCAN will be to provide specific guidance to intending developers on two main areas: the development of brownfield sites in urban areas; and housing development within established residential areas.
1.20 The advice contained in these guides supplements the Department’s policies for quality development, in particular the policies of this Statement. Together the policies and guidance seek to achieve quality residential development that is imaginative and clearly based on an overall design concept, in order to promote attractive surroundings in which to live. The Department will respond positively to proposals where these are worked up comprehensively and are demonstrably well designed. A flexible approach will be considered for innovative design and layout features where it can be shown that such elements are central to the overall design concept for a scheme and will contribute to the creation of a quality, sustainable and safe residential environment.
1.21 The Department would stress however that the application alone of the good practice principles contained in its supplementary planning guidance documents will not make fundamentally unacceptable proposals acceptable, particularly in established residential areas.
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