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PPS 7: Quality Residential Environments
Policy Context: Regional Development Strategy

1.8 The importance of sustainability and quality in the design and layout of new residential environments is an integral feature of the Regional Development Strategy (RDS) being prepared by the Department for Regional Development.
1.9 The Strategy will encourage the development of balanced local communities, characterised by development patterns which contribute to community spirit, neighbourliness and a sense of belonging to a particular place.
1.10 To help in the creation of quality built environments which will contribute to the achievement of safe, complete and balanced communities, the Strategy will promote the use of Local Development Guidelines which focus on Identity, Vitality, Proximity, Accessibility, Amenity and Quality (see Annex A).
1.11 The Strategy will also:
  • promote the use of development briefs and concept statements to achieve quality developments;
  • encourage land pooling;
  • promote the use of appropriate planning obligations for the provision by developers of infrastructure and neighbourhood facilities; and
  • encourage the use of medium to high density housing schemes appropriate to their location which incorporate a mix of housing designs and sizes, while avoiding town cramming.
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