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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Planning and Conservation: Our Archaeological and Built Heritage

1.1 The modern landscape of Northern Ireland is the result of some 9,000 years of human activity and change on the natural topography which has left us with a rich but vulnerable legacy. Archaeological and historic features such as tombs and forts, castles and churches, townhouses and farmhouses, grand architecture and vernacular buildings, industrial features and planned parklands are all significant sources of information about our past, and are often landmarks in our present surroundings.
1.2 The physical survivals of our past are to be valued and protected for their own sake, as a central part of our common cultural heritage. They are an irreplaceable record which contributes, through formal education and in many other ways, to our understanding of both the present and the past. Their presence adds to the quality of our lives, by enhancing the familiar and cherished local scene and sustaining the sense of local distinctiveness which is such an important aspect of the character and appearance of our cities, towns, villages and countryside.
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