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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Archaeological Sites and Monuments: Policy BH 2

Policy BH 2 The Protection of Archaeological Remains of Local Importance and their Settings
Development proposals which would adversely affect archaeological sites or monuments which are of local importance or their settings will only be permitted where the Department considers the importance of the proposed development or other material considerations outweigh the value of the remains in question.

Justification and Amplification

3.9 While the vast majority of archaeological sites and monuments in Northern Ireland are not scheduled, they are all capable of providing evidence about our past. Many are archaeologically important in the local context or valued by the community and therefore require safeguarding through the planning process. The Department considers a number of factors in assessing the local significance of archaeological sites and monuments. These factors should be viewed as indicators which contribute to a wider judgement based on the individual circumstances of a case and may include one or more of the following:
  • appearance: distinctive features in the landscape/townscape or local
  • landmarks;
  • quality: well-preserved or extensive buried remains;
  • folklore/historical interest: association with a person or event in local
  • tradition or legend;
  • group value: one of a number of locally important sites; and
  • rarity: a locally rare example.
3.10 In cases where development proposals affect archaeological sites and monuments or their settings which are not of regional or local importance the Department will still have regard to the desirability of preserving such remains and their settings. On many occasions it will be possible to avoid conflicts with archaeological interests, particularly through seeking suitable alternative sites for development. However where it is decided that development may proceed this will be conditional on appropriate archaeological mitigation measures (see Policy BH 4).
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