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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Annex E: Minor Additions to Listed Buildings

E32 There are also some external fixtures that require listed building consent when they affect the character of a listed building. These include satellite dishes and aerials, burglar alarms, sensors, exit signs, security and other floodlighting. Only non-damaging and visually unobtrusive positions for such fixtures will normally be permitted. The principle when proposing such fixtures will be to put the building first and maximum use should be made of existing cavities and clearways such as disused flues, roof spaces and cellars. Where it is unavoidable that such features will be seen, they should be designed to integrate with the older features of the building by the careful choice of fitting, location and colour. Acceptable alternative locations for satellite dishes include outbuildings, yard and garden walls and separate and detached purpose built low level mounting cradles.
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