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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Annex E: Escape Stairs in Case of Fire

E33 The requirement for escape stairs may originate in a change of use or the need for a fire certificate. If additional stairs have to be provided then listed building consent will be required. The preferred option will always be to provide escape stairs in a new extension to the building where this is acceptable in principle. The next best option will be to locate them discretely inside the envelope of the listed building while the least satisfactory solution will be to provide a staircase externally. Any external staircase comprises an extension to a listed building and a location and design that is sympathetic to the character of the listed building will be required. The use of appropriate materials and finishes as well as a positive relationship to existing architectural features will be critical considerations. A well designed staircase can be a positive enhancement, but a cheap, basic steel ladder will never be appropriate.
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