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PPS 6: Planning, Archaeology and The Built Heritage
Annex E: Ramps and Access for People with Disabilities

E34 It is often essential for the continuing use of historic buildings that people have access to them. In many cases provision of access for people with disabilities is mandatory. Alterations to a listed building to provide such access will normally require listed building consent.
E35 Many listed buildings have been designed to have elevated processional entrances. Often these are the most impressive elements of the entire architectural composition. In these instances the greatest care must be taken in the design of the new works. Where there is symmetry it is essential that this is maintained. Where there is a natural slope across a site it may be possible to take advantage of this in the design process. In some cases permanent ramps to optimal standards are just not practically or aesthetically acceptable and in these instances alternatives will have to be investigated. Such alternatives include, the use of a temporary ramp, a hydraulic platform lift, a chairlift, assisted access or access by way of another entrance.
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