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PPS 4: Industrial Development
Development Control: Non Industrial Uses on Zoned Industrial Land

36. It is in the national and local interest to retain adequate industrial site provision. Many industrial uses cannot be easily accommodated other than on zoned industrial land. If land identified as suitable for industrial development is lost to other uses, it may be difficult to make adequate alternative provision for industry. In considering planning applications for other uses on zoned or existing industrial land the need to retain an adequate amount and choice of land for industry in the area will be the overriding consideration. Even where land has been zoned but undeveloped for a considerable time it may not be appropriate to permit development for other uses.
37. Provided a sufficient remaining supply of industrial land is retained in the area some uses not involving the carrying out of an industrial process may be acceptable on existing or zoned industrial land. Such uses are compatible with industry and may be best accommodated on industrial land to avoid conflict with other land uses. These include use for storage or as a distribution centre; builders' suppliers; car and other vehicle sales including showrooms, servicing, and storage, but excluding breaking; training centres; vehicle testing and driving test centres. In some industrial estates, ancillary uses to serve the needs of the workforce, such as banks and cafes, may also be permitted. Retail uses, except for small scale factory shops ancillary to a factory or warehouse, will not normally be permitted.
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