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PPS 4: Industrial Development
Development Control: General Criteria for Assessing Industrial Development Proposals

28. The characteristics of industry are continuously changing. Some industrial uses can be carried on in proximity to residential or other sensitive uses without detriment to amenity by reason of noise, vibration or noxious emissions. It is not always appropriate to separate industry, especially small-scale developments, from rural or residential areas for which they provide employment and services. The Department will not restrict an industrial use solely because it differs from the predominant land use in the locality. Uses of land will be regarded as incompatible with each other if their juxtaposition would cause serious problems for the occupiers of either.
29. All proposals for the development of land for industrial purposes will be expected to meet all of the following criteria:
  • They must be compatible with the character of the surrounding area.
  • They must be compatible with adjacent land uses, especially housing.
  • They must not be likely to cause detriment to valuable areas or features of nature conservation interest or man-made heritage.
  • They must, where possible, avoid the loss of high grade agricultural land.
  • They must not result in a significant increase in traffic congestion or be a hazard to road safety.
  • They must not be likely to cause or exacerbate flooding.
  • They must be capable of dealing satisfactorily with any emission or effluent.
30. Where a proposal is found to be acceptable as judged against these criteria, the following detailed planning requirements will have to be met:
  • All buildings should be of a scale, design and finishes appropriate to the locality, particularly where the development would be visible from main roads or other heavily used public areas.
  • Proposals should include details of appropriate treatment of boundaries, means of enclosure, and surfaces within the site.
  • Proposals should provide for areas of outside storage to be adequately screened from public view and neighbouring residential properties.
  • Proposals should make provision for tree and hedgerow retention, supplementary planting and landscape management.
  • Proposals should provide adequate access, car parking and manoeuvring areas.
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