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PPS 4: Industrial Development
Context: Sustainable Development

7. The Government has accepted the concept of sustainable development as a guiding principle. Its January 1994 publication, "Sustainable Development: The UK Strategy Opens link in a new browser window" described the concept as follows:
Responsibility for the environment is not solely the preserve of Government. The principles of sustainable development require the responsible use of manmade and natural resources by all concerned in a way that ensures that future generations are not left worse off
Where there are significant risks of damage to the environment the Department will be guided by the precautionary principle that environmental protection will generally be paramount, unless there are imperative reasons of overriding public interest.
8. In March 1993 the Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland Opens link in a new browser window and the Department of Economic Development Opens link in a new browser window jointly produced a document entitled "Growing a Green Economy Opens link in a new browser window". This publication emphasised that strategies for the environment and economic development should be closely integrated and mutually supportive. The ability to meet higher environmental standards in a cost effective manner has emerged as an important determinant in international competitiveness. The green image of Northern Ireland is therefore an important factor in promoting economic growth.
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