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PPS 4 (Draft): Industry, Business and Distribution
The Role of Development Plans: Supporting Action

Design Guidance and Environmental Improvement

3.29 Some existing business and industrial areas present an unattractive appearance discouraging to new enterprises. Where appropriate, development plans will identify areas where the re-use of land and premises and the environmental improvement of existing industrial areas should be a priority, both as a contribution to the regeneration of older industrial areas and as a means of reducing the demand for greenfield sites.
3.30 Development plans may provide guidance through design policies and supplementary guidance such as development briefs for larger sites, on what is expected from developers in terms of design, layout and landscaping. They may also include policies designed to maintain and, where possible, enhance the environmental quality of existing business and industrial areas.

Infrastructure Provision

3.31 Development plans will set out the main infrastructure requirements that developers will be expected to meet for zoned industrial and business sites. These may include access points, servicing arrangements and known physical and infrastructural constraints to be overcome. Infrastructure works may include roads and footways, water, sewerage and land drainage, and other services such as electricity, gas or telecommunications. The specific requirements for each site will depend on local circumstances.

City and Town Centre Improvement

3.32 City and town centres have particular locational advantages which will enable them to accommodate additional employment opportunities, especially for expanding service employment.
3.33 The Department recognises that town centre management and environmental improvement can contribute to the vitality and viability of town centres and make them more attractive locations for further investment in service employment. While many factors affecting the quality of a town centre lie outside the planning system, development plans will identify wherever possible opportunities for regeneration initiatives and environmental improvements which will contribute to the enhancement of the centre’s potential for employment growth.
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