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PPS 4 (Draft): Industry, Business and Distribution
The Role of Development Plans

3.1 The overarching strategic framework for the formulation of development plans, as indicated above, is provided by the Regional Development Strategy (RDS). The RDS seeks to:
  • promote a balanced spread of economic development opportunities across the Region focused on the Belfast Metropolitan Area, Londonderry, Craigavon and the urban hubs/clusters, as the main centres for employment and services;
  • exploit the economic development potential of the key transport corridors;
  • promote the regional gateways as economic development opportunities.
3.2 In relation to industrial and business development, and consistent with the provisions of the RDS, development plans will seek to support job creation by identifying and protecting a portfolio of job creation opportunities involving:
  • allocating a generous and continuous supply of land with a range of sites offering a choice of size, location and environmental amenity for industrial and/or business use to meet the diverse range of requirements including the expansion and growth of indigenous firms;
  • safeguarding identified Strategic Employment Locations;
  • indicating the range of acceptable employment uses within particular sites;
  • reallocating sites which have proven unsuitable for business and industry;
  • promoting the regeneration of previously developed areas and the re-use of reclaimed land and existing buildings;
  • promoting mixed-use development associated with economic development and job creation;
  • identifying supporting action, for example, on infrastructure provision, environmental improvement or town centre management that can assist the delivery of economic development;
  • providing a baseline position for the monitoring and review of the allocation of industrial and business land on a regular basis.
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