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Policy IBD 9

Policy IBD 9 Re-use and Adaptation of a Redundant Agricultural Building for Industrial, or Business Use outside a Farm Diversification Scheme
Planning permission will be granted for the re-use and adaptation of a redundant agricultural building for industrial or business use where all the following criteria are met:
  1. the building is genuinely redundant and its re-use would not result in the need for a new building as a replacement;
  2. there will be no adverse effect on the viability of a farming unit, or conflict with the operating of a working farm;
  3. the building is of sound and permanent construction and is proposed for re-use and adaptation without complete or major reconstruction;
  4. the form, bulk and general design of the building are in keeping with its surroundings and any conversion work respects local building styles and materials;
  5. there is sufficient room in the curtilage of the building to park the vehicles of those who will work or visit there and also to service its use, all without detriment to the visual amenity of the countryside;
  6. no business or industrial activity or storage of raw materials or finished goods is to take place outside the building; and
  7. no new fences, walls or other structures associated with the use of the building or the definition of its curtilage or any sub-division of it will be erected if they would damage the visual amenity of the countryside.

Justification and Amplification

4.32 Favourable consideration may be given to the re-use of redundant farm buildings for appropriate small-scale business or industrial use outside of farm diversification schemes. However to prevent potential abuse of this policy, the Department will need to be satisfied that:
  • where the building is part of an agricultural holding, there is clear evidence that the building is no longer required for agricultural purposes. In such circumstances, permitted development rights for new farm buildings in respect of that agricultural holding or unit may be withdrawn.
  • the building has had an existing genuine agricultural use for a considerable length of time.
4.33 The Department will examine carefully applications for re-use of buildings erected under agricultural permitted development rights to ensure there was no breach of planning control when it was substantially completed, because there was no genuine agricultural justification for its construction.
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