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PPS 3: Access, Movement and Parking

The Department of the Environment is responsible for planning control in Northern Ireland. The Planning Service, an Agency within the Department, administers its planning functions.
The Department has a statutory duty, laid down in Article 3 of the Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 to formulate and co-ordinate policy for securing the orderly and consistent development of land and the planning of that development. The Department is required to ensure that such policy is in general conformity with the Regional Development Strategy.
The Department’s planning policies are normally issued through Planning Policy Statements and PPS 1 ‘General Principles’ advises that:
“Planning Policy Statements set out the policies of the Department on particular aspects of land-use planning and apply to the whole of Northern Ireland. Their contents will be taken into account in preparing development plans and are also material to decisions on individual planning applications and appeals.”
This Planning Policy Statement, PPS 3 (Revised) Access, Movement and Parking sets out the Department’s planning policies for vehicular and pedestrian access, transport assessment, the protection of transport routes and parking. It forms an important element in the integration of transport and land use planning. It embodies the Government’s commitments to the provision of a modern, safe, sustainable transport system, the improvement of mobility for those who are socially excluded or whose mobility is impaired, the promotion of healthier living and improved road safety.
The PPS has been prepared in close consultation with the Department for Regional Development and needs to be considered together with PPS 13 Transportation and Land Use and the recently published draft guidelines produced by both Departments on Transport Assessment.
The PPS replaces PPS 3 Development Control: Roads Considerations published May 1996 and supersedes the following provisions of the Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland:
Where the above policies are referred to elsewhere in the Planning Strategy, the policies of this statement take precedence.
The layout of internal accesses and parking provision associated with new residential developments will continue to be assessed under the provisions of PPS 7 ‘Quality Residential Environments’ and associated supplementary planning guidance.
The PPS has been subject to an equality impact screening exercise in line with the statutory obligation contained in Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998. The outcome of this exercise indicates that the PPS is unlikely to have any significant adverse implications for equality of opportunity or community relations.
Nothing in this document should be read as a commitment that public resources will be provided for any specific project. All proposals for expenditure will be subject to economic appraisal and other relevant assessments and will also have to be considered having regard to the overall availability of resources.
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