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PPS 3: Access, Movement and Parking
Policy Objectives

3.1 The main objectives of this Statement are to:
  • promote road safety, in particular, for pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users;
  • restrict the number of new accesses and control the level of use of existing accesses onto Protected Routes;
  • make efficient use of road space within the context of promoting modal shift to more sustainable forms of transport;
  • ensure that new development offers a realistic choice of access by walking, cycling and public transport, recognising that this may be less achievable in some rural areas;
  • ensure the needs of people with disabilities and others whose mobility is impaired, are taken into account in relation to accessibility to buildings and parking provision;
  • promote the provision of adequate facilities for cyclists in new development;
  • promote parking policies that will assist in reducing reliance on the private car and help tackle growing congestion; and
  • protect routes required for new transport schemes including disused transport routes with potential for future reuse.
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